Using the Right Resistance Matters

Athletes can get very strong in the muscle groups that are required for their sport, but what we have found is that this strength capability doesn’t necessarily give them good muscular balance in the shoulder.

Muscular balance in the shoulder is a must for optimum health and performance. Athletes are commonly throwing their shoulders into imbalance causing impingement as a result.

The Crossover Symmetry programs are specifically designed to correct these imbalances when used correctly. To get the most out of the Crossover Symmetry system for return of balance to the shoulder, it is imperative that the Athletes use the “right” resistance cords and do the exercises in the order that we have prescribed. Many years of research and development went into the design of the Crossover Symmetry system. We have custom designed the durable cords for “length and resistance” for optimal benefit with our systems.

Using the right resistance cords matters. Use too light of resistance cords and you are not activating/strengthening the targeted muscle groups effectively. Use too heavy and you could be overpowering the smaller rotator cuff muscles and upsetting the arthrokinematics (how the ball rolls/glides in the socket) of the shoulder joint leading to shoulder impingement.

There are four custom resistance packages to accommodate the strength and ability of any level athlete. We have pre-selected these resistance levels based on the strength of the individual and the known strength ratios of larger and smaller muscle groups/movement patterns.

These are general recommendations and you should make adjustments based upon your individual strength.



Recommended for ages 8 -13 as well as for individuals who are new to exercise or rehabbing a shoulder injury.

Heavy: Yellow cords – 10 lbs
Light: Green cords – 3 lbs



Our most popular resistance package for both male and female users. If you do not fit the description for Novice or Elite, then start with the Athletic level. This includes most high school athletes and active adults.

Heavy: Red cords – 15 lbs
Light: Purple cords – 7 lbs



Recommended for healthy athletes with extremely strong shoulders and those with extensive experience using Crossover Symmetry.
Heavy: Blue cords – 25 lbs
Light: Yellow cords – 10 lbs



The Deluxe level includes all 6 Crossover Cord resistances to accommodate athletes of all strength levels.