The Gold Standard for Shoulder Health

The Crossover Symmetry System has set the bar for maximizing shoulder health and performance. high-intensity athletes and coaches at all levels have expressed the incredible difference Crossover Symmetry has made in their overhead strength gains and in alleviating nagging shoulder issues.


“Before being introduced to Crossover Symmetry I had used several different exercises and protocols to improve my shoulder positioning, strength and health, but never saw the results I have seen with Crossover Symmetry.

Since then I have made Crossover a staple of my own warm-up routine and everyone that trains at CFNE, TILT, CompTrain & Masters CompTrain.”


The Crossover Approach- 2 Ways Crossover Symmetry is Changing the Game


1. Train Movements not Muscles– Rather than isolating individual muscle groups, the ultimate goal of Crossover Symmetry is to master basic movement patterns of the shoulder. This creates the template for success for more complex movements, such as the overhead squat, kipping pull-ups, and Olympic lifting.

2. Train Everyday– We believe consistency is key for developing the functional movement patterns for the shoulder. Regularly moving and stabilizing the shoulder establishes a deep neural connection to correctly fire the muscles that control the scap and humerus during overhead movement.

Using Crossover Symmetry daily develops the mechanics needed for the shoulder to perform at its best–from grandma to the high-intensity athlete.


Now the original shoulder enhancer is even better with the release of the Crossover Symmetry Gen3 System.

Medically Designed Programs to cover the specific needs, time constraints, and demands of any athlete.
1. Activation– Perfect primer and dynamic warm-up.
2. Activation+ (New!)– Plyometrics to supercharge your warm-up, improve proprioception, and target fast twitch muscle fibers.
3. Recovery– Eccentrics for improved blood flow and tendon health.
4. Strength– Intense program for increased shoulder stability.
5. Mobility (New!)– Fast and effective attack on major limiters of overhead mobility.

Online Training Zone

1. The Crossover Symmetry education now lives online for access anytime and anywhere. It has been updated and enhanced to include improved movement cues and coaching to eliminate movement compensations that limit overhead movement.

2. Specific training section for Pain & Rehab to keep an athlete training while correcting the shoulder dysfunction that causes shoulder pain. Finally, a solution for a coach to manage an athlete experiencing nagging shoulder pain, that will keep them in the gym for years to come.

3. The Coaches Corner provides an easy option to provide professional instruction to a group or team without taking up an entire class time.

Mobility Sac– The primary tool for the Crossover Symmetry Mobility Program. Adjustable to target specific trigger points for better recovery and improved range of motion.

CROSSOVER CORDS 2.0– The safest, most durable cords on the planet. Independently lab tested to last 15x longer than the previous model.