Employ a More Proactive Approach to Arm Care

By Jim Moran, PT, Shoulder Specialist

What are you doing to keep your arm healthy and performing at an optimum level? Are you using a rotator cuff and scapular strengthening system designed for throwing athletes?

Over the past few years, top professional and collegiate baseball teams have implemented a more structured and proactive approach to arm care. Teams are incorporating rotator cuff and scapular strengthening exercises into their daily routine, rather than waiting until players are deconditioned or an injury occurs to start taking action. Crossover Symmetry’s professional grade system has been a driving force in this paradigm shift in philosophy and results are undeniable.

Teams are integrating Crossover Symmetry Activation phase, a pre-throwing dynamic warm up for the shoulder. They are finding that the three minute Activation phase is more effective than traditional arm circles and tubing exercises to dynamically warm up the shoulder.

The system employs “scap-cuff sequencing,” which refers to the concept of activating the scapular muscles first before addressing the rotator cuff muscles. When activated, the scapular stabilizers position the scapula (shoulder blade) in a more optimal position, providing a foundation for the rotator cuff muscles to dynamically stabilize the joint. Without activating the scapular muscles first, the position of the scapula could be less than optimal and increase the likelihood of shoulder impingement, pain and injury.

In addition, teams are utilizing Crossover Symmetry Recovery phase as a post-throwing recovery tool.

Derek Johnson, Vanderbilt Pitching Coach, had this to say about the system: “Our kids seem to bounce back better than before and they have maintained their velocity throughout the game and season. I think the program is beneficial because of its portability and the flexibility of the way it can be used. For instance, we use Crossover’s Recovery after a throwing session, whether it is a bullpen or a game. I felt that it was a great way to cool down and it was a way of starting the rehab process as soon as the young man finished work.”

The Plyometric phase a fast twitch muscle strengthening and neuromuscular control program will deliverimproved performance (increase throwing velocity) in 6-8 weeks of prescribed use.

Iron Scap phase is an intense scapular strengthening program. Studies have shown that most shoulder injuries are a result of weakened or poorly conditioned scapular stabilizers.

The Crossover Symmetry System was designed by a shoulder specialist to be performed on a baseball field. The exercises target and strengthen all of the essential rotator cuff and scapular muscles in sports specific positions.

The four phase system is comprehensive and each phase can be completed in three to six minutes on the field by attaching the premium grade resistance cords and aluminum workout chart to a chain link fence. The system is structured, effective and efficient making it easy to activate and strengthen your lifeline as a baseball player….Your Arm.

Crossover Symmetry’s professional grade system has been implemented by 75% of D-1 programs and over half of MLB teams to keep their athletes healthy and performing at an optimal level.

Although baseball teams at the higher levels have implemented the Crossover Symmetry System into their training regimens, many injuries to the shoulder and elbow occur before players get to college and professional ball.

Develop good habits, be proactive, and start using Crossover Symmetry just like the top collegiate programs and professional organizations!